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The caravan is a proven reliable and popular utility workhorse with low operating costs. It is an excellent aircraft to fly on and is the epitome of versatility.

The newest Caravans come equipped with the very latest technology in flight instruments exhibited in a full glass cockpit. It has excellent hazard avoidance abilities to help the crew see and avoid dangerous weather terrain and other aircraft. The AeroLink Caravans are configured to carry up to 11 passengers and the cargo pod underneath will hold all the baggage. It does not carry a cabin attendant.The interior of the caravan takes you to extreme places in extreme comfort as it boasts of adequate leg room and supple leather seats.

The all-new command center-Garmin G1000 glass cockpit integrates all primary flight‚ engine and sensor data to provide intuitive‚ at-a-glance situational awareness. All of which bring new levels of safety and confidence to 'your go-anywhere‚ do-everything Caravan'.

The Caravan has a Pratt Whitney engine. It is one of the most popular turbo-prop engines in history. They are known for their extremely high reliability. The aircraft can cruise at up to 320 Kph / 200 mph and has a maximum range of 2000km /1240 miles.

It is flown by two fully rated and trained AeroLink crew members although it is certified to fly with just one crewmember. The crew are given Flight Safety training in a full motion simulator before being released for command.

The Grand Caravan simply put delivers exceptional performance and is the go-to aircraft for both business and pleasure.

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